Stone Gossard – Moonlander (2013)

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Last week, Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard announced the impending release of Moonlander, the 46-year-old guitarist’s first solo outing in over a decade. Comprised of songs that Gossard’s been writing and recording since shortly after the 2001 release of Bay Leaf, his debut, the 11-song LP arrives June 25 on Pearl Jam’s own Monkeywrench Records. (Two digital EPs, Apollo and Luna, will be released on iTunes on May 7 and June 5, respectively.) “I like to write music,” he says, simply. “And I think exploring with lyrics and figuring out how to make complete songs is fun. I think I have a take on it. I don’t know if it’s great, but it’s an interesting take. It’s original. I’m not trying to conquer the world — I’m just saying ‘Hey, I’ve got to finish stuff.’ As a songwriter — no matter what — I’ve got to finish some stuff every once in a while.” [Source]


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