Chuck Prophet – Play That Song Again (2012)

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Nobody harneses the distinctive sound of a Fender Telecaster quite like Chuck Prophet and, as the opening chords of ‘Play That Song Again’ ring out with an undeniable twang, Prophet starts Temple Beautiful with a statement of intent from the off. His most focused and concise work in years, Prophet’s twelfth studio album is ultimately an open love letter to San Francisco – filled with gut wrenching guitar licks (‘Castro Halloween’ / ‘Who Shot John’), classic Dylan-esque phrasing (‘Play That Song Again’) and gorgeous analogue production (‘He Came From So Far Away’) – Temple Beautiful harks back to the raw pomp and swagger of 1997′s Homemade Blood and sheds the daliances with synths and samples that have perhaps crowded the past few releases. A return to form, some would say. [Source]


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