The Flaming Lips – Look… The Sun Is Rising (2013)

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The Flaming Lips have come a long way since 1999’s unit-shifting The Soft Bulletin and 2006’s At War With the Mystics, and all those happy-clappy, celebratory gigs featuring giant rubber hands and frontman Wayne Coyne in an inflatable globe. Returning to their experimental roots – with knobs on – The Terror sees their trademark pop melodies usurped by krautrock and a bleaker psychedelia, beams of sunlight replaced by enveloping gloom to create a melancholy odyssey. Band member Steven Drozd’s substance abuse battles and Coyne’s split with his partner after 25 years have influenced a mood which the singer describes as “embracing hopelessness”. However, The Terror proves mesmeric rather than difficult. Guitar fragments, machines, mantras, spoken samples, echoes and drones are held together with some of the most killer hooks of their career. You Are Alone is sad but beautiful. There’s no Do You Realize??-type grand anthem, but the brilliant, menacing, You Lust (which begins with Coyne’s echoey threat, “You got a lot of nerve to fuck with me”) and the desolate, lonely title track are as catchy as anything in the top 10. [Source]

The winning entry for the Video Contest for “Look… The Sun Is Rising” by Micah Buzan. The video features over 2,000 hand- drawn animations! Micah describes the concept behind the video:

Taking over 2,000 drawings to complete, this hand-drawn animation details the eccentric ecosystem of some planet.

Animals on this planet live trapped in orbs, which are connected to machines that use animal energy as a means of producing clouds of various colors for the sun.

This one animal controls a flying-machine that is powered by an organ. When played, this organ produces rainbow clouds. He flies through the sky without any worries – playing his organ with the belief that he is truly free – until he finally confronts the planet’s sun.

The story is open for interpretation. I hope you guys like it

See all the other entries here:


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