Depeche Mode – The Child Inside (2013)

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This almost feels like a part two to ‘Broken’ with the cheering gambit “there is darkness and death in your eyes / what have you got buried inside / the shallow grave in your soul”… and gets bleaker “you really should have dug a little deeper there / body parts are starting to appear and scare / the child inside away”. It’s another very simple track, booming bass, what might be wind in treetops, strings, vocals that almost feel a little hymnal in inspiration, a scythe of sci fi now and then, and a spooky forest at the end as the lyrics get even bleaker: “you knew you should have taken all your dolls to bed / but you were made to play games with your soul instead / the child inside has died.” It’s the quietest track on the album, and perhaps the most cleverly constructed. [Source]


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