David Bowie – Golden Years (1976)

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“Such is the stuff from where dreams are woven…”

As the headline says, David Bowie’s Station To Station album is thirty seven today.

Considered a classic among fans and critics alike, the record was unusual for a Bowie album in that it contained just six tracks, even though it still clocked in at a little over thirty eight minutes.

Four of those six songs were released as commercial A-sides by RCA, with Golden Years being the pre-album hit. Here’s the tracklisting:

1. Station To Station (10:08)
2. Golden Years (4:03)
3. Word On A Wing (6:00)
4. TVC15 (5:29)
5. Stay (6:08)
6. Wild Is The Wind (5:58)

Top left in the montage below is how the withdrawn colour version of the sleeve would have looked had it hit the racks. Bottom right is the two-colour version (red and black ink on a white sleeve) which is the one that was actually released.
Whether it was the intention or not, the released version was more in keeping with the monochromatic look of the 1976 Station To Station tour, or the Isolar tour as it’s since become known.
See the DavidBowie.com version of this story ( http://bit.ly/S2Sis37 ) for a bigger reproduction of the colour sleeve.


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