Fleetwood Mac – Brown Eyes (1979)

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Christine McVie is in love with someone in this song. Unlike her songs on Rumours, which are written about a specific person, most of her songs on Tusk are the result of her life experiences–a failed marriage, major success, etc. etc. At the same time, she could have been writing about Dennis Wilson. Whoever the person is exactly, he thrills her and has a very strong hold on her. She wants his love in return, but she isn’t sure what to expect, what he wants from her. She hopes that he wants her as much as she wants him. She is not hiding anything from him–she freely admits that she wants him. Will this be another one-way relationship, or will her love and passion be returned this time. These feelings are almost universal when starting out in a relationship–does the other love you, want you, as much as you do them? Chris had been treated poorly in the past, and she did not want to go through all that again. [Source]


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