John Cooper Clarke – Evidently Chickentown (1980)

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“Evidently Chickentown” is a poem by the English performance poet John Cooper Clarke. The poem uses repeated profanity to convey a sense of futility and exasperation. Featured on Clarke’s 1980 album Snap, Crackle & Bop, the realism of its lyrics is married with haunting, edgy arrangements. “Evidently Chickentown” appears in Danny Boyle’s 2001 film Strumpet, in which the protagonist, portrayed by Christopher Eccleston, recites the poem in a pub; and at the end of “Stage 5”, a 2007 episode of the American television drama The Sopranos. Clarke appears as himself reciting the poem in the 2007 British film Control.


Read a 2012 interview with John Cooper Clarke in the Guardian here.

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