Matthew Dear – Fighting Is Futile (2012)

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Matthew Dear might just be the total package: movie star good looks, a respected DJ, a business man, a musician. Did I mention he’s incredibly good looking? No? Oh, well, he’s a handsome guy. So yeah, there’s that. Earlier this year he teamed up with another sexy artist, Jonny Pierce of The Drums, for a wonderful collaboration “In The Middle,” which easily remains one of the best tracks of the year. Dear’s latest solo album beams, released on his own label Ghostly International, is another exercise in avant-garde pop. One that succeeds in spite of itself. Some songs are more accessible than others and the entire album is not for everyone. But it sure has its moments, like “Fighting Is Futile,” with its seductively eerie vocals, hand claps and a beat that sounds like a demented mash-up of a TV game show theme song and a four-on-the-floor dance beat. [Source]

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