Pop Zeus – New Day Tomorrow (2012)

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The person selling the four-track cassette recorder Brooklyn, N.Y. musician Mikey Hodges found on Craigslist lived just one neighborhood over.

Hodges, who records and performs under the name Pop Zeus, purchased the archaic device for $75. He used it to cut 30 songs — playing all the guitar, drums and bass himself — before paring them down to 10 for Pop Zeus’ self-titled album. (Hodges vocals were done at Solid Ground Sound using a computer-based rig.)

Fullerton, Calif. imprint Burger Records issued “Pop Zeus” in early September on, yes, cassette.

“I used tapes to record, might was well listen to it that way as well,” says Hodges, 27, calling from the living room of his Williamsburg neighborhood apartment.

The LP contains shiny, homemade power-pop, including “Dead In The Water,” a tune on which Hodges’ yearning vocal recalls The Cure’s Robert Smith. Hodges penned the spiteful “New Day Tomorrow” because he “just wanted to write some lyrics.” “Yeah, just made that story up,” he says. “I’m glad nothing like that has ever happened to me.” [Source]

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