Lightning Seeds – Pure (1989)

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The first Lightning Seeds single release, “Pure” is significant in that it was the first song Broudie had “completely written and sung, ever”. It was when producing a track for The Pale Fountains that Broudie was offered a chance to release some of his own material. He was originally apprehensive:

“I didn’t think that many people would be interested if I’m going to be honest, I suppose I didn’t have the confidence really and I wasn’t in a band but I did want to put my music out and get it heard.”

—Ian Broudie

Nonetheless, Broudie proceeded to record “Pure” at a studio in Kirkby. 200 copies of the single were originally pressed, but after some radio play and attention at The Haçienda, the song soon sprang to mainstream consciousness.

[via Chieko Mizukami]

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