Miaoux Miaoux – Autopilot (2012)

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Second blog single (first one here) from Miaoux Miaoux’s brilliant sophomore album ‘Light of the North’ released June 11th, 2012, on Chemikal Underground. Miaoux Miaoux is 26-year-old Glasgow based producer Julian Corrie, who makes spacey hypercolour indie dance pop that recalls the best of Erlend Oye, the soundscapes of Mogwai and the irresistible hooks New Order. With a stunning live show, where improvised loops and guitars collide with fizzing synths and low-slung bass, as well as producing slamming remixes for the likes of Silver Columns and Discopolis, Miaoux Miaoux looks set to make an indelible mark on 2012.

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