The Bootleggers feat. Mark Lanegan – Fire And Brimstone (Link Wray Cover Version) (2012)

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Things became even more surreal when they hooked up with [veteran Ralph] Stanley and his guitarist on Skype. “Ralph is a serious guy and his guitarist is even more so. We asked him to cover Link Wray’s Fire and Brimstone and he did it in 3/4 time, with a swing, because that’s what he knows. So, there’s Warren and me trying to explain that we want it in 4/4 time – rock’n’roll. Ralph is saying nothing and the guitarist is just looking at us as like he wants to string us up. It was like: ‘Who the hell are these freaks telling Ralph Stanley how to sing?'” [Source]

3 Replies to “The Bootleggers feat. Mark Lanegan – Fire And Brimstone (Link Wray Cover Version) (2012)”

  1. I would like to thank you for doing a great job on my father’s song. I know that he would have been very happy the way you did it. Thank you for doing his song justice and way to Rock and Roll !!!! I’m Link Wray’s oldest daughter Beth. Great Job!!!!!

  2. Link Wray ‘ s Frist wife – Elizabrth & First son Fred Link wray 3rd. & Second wife Kitty & Second son Link Elvis Wray & Daughter’s , Blinda Wray , Mona Kay wray & Third & Last Wife Sharon & Third son Shane Wray & Daughter’s Raonda Wray , Char Wray . Would like to say thanks To Mark Langegan Singer and VETERRNS GUITARIST Ralph Stanley on LINK WRAY’S Fire & Brimstone . They did a GREAT JOB on your Version 3/4 time swing .In stead of 4/4 times version Rock ‘n’ Roll swing glad you did it your way , but yet Orginal True To LINK WRAY . People will love it . We are sure of it , WE DID AS A FAMLIY.

    1. I ‘am sorry I miss speld three names are Belinda, Rhonda,Mark Langan . Please correct for my miss stakes . Thank you very much .

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