Jonathan Richman – It Was Time For Me To Be With Her (2010)

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When Jonathan Richman set out to record songs for his 5th studio album for Vapor Records, the road led him as far flung as Spain and South America. Yet, it was home cooking in San Francisco, California that yielded the recordings that would become O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth. Featuring Jonathan’s longtime collaborator Tommy Larkins on drums, the album reveals a shift in direction for Richman. As the title suggests, this outing finds Richman looking up to the lonely night sky during the wee small hours – when time slows down and everything is as melancholy as it is beautiful. The album artwork acts in kind, with Richman s own paintings suggesting a veil of muted moonlight. Through his songs, Richman invites the listener down this dim and starry path. A sense of saudade-like longing and wise acceptance informs The Sea Was Calling Me Home and It Was Time For Me To Be With Her, yet Jonathan s smart and wry delivery on My Affected Accent and If You Want To Leave Our Party Just Go will still bring a smile. Contributions from guest musicians such as Ólöf Arnalds, Nicole Montalbano, Roger Montalbano, Kelly Houston, and Ted Saverese also add a warm glow to the album s very personal feel. With O Moon, Queen of Night on Earth, Jonathan Richman again shows himself to be an evolving artist whose ears are wide open to the language of the world. [Source]

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