The Flaming Lips – Do You Realize?? (2002)

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The marriage of death and showbusiness is at the heart of the Oklahoma band’s appeal. During the show, amid all the confetti and clouds of red smoke, Coyne sings, in a high, cracked voice, about grief and struggle and how to face the unfaceable. Come for the balloons, stay for the space-rock anthems about the inevitability of oblivion. They end the show, as always, with their best-loved song, “Do You Realize??”, often played at weddings and funerals because of its pivotal line: “Everyone you know someday will die.” Coyne regards it as a miraculous phenomenon rather than something he had a hand in creating. “We play it like it’s some magic thing we discovered in Antarctica and brought back, like, ‘Look at this thing!'” [Source]

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