Ride – Moonlight Medicine (Portishead Remix) (1994)

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Ride have now released an ancient Portishead remix of Carnival Of Light cut ‘Moonlight Medicine’. The original track, it ought to be noted, features organ contributions from Deep Purple’s Jon Lord, who sadly passed away on Monday. For anyone that’s been keeping up with Portishead’s recent work/numerous offshoots, the remix provides the shock of the old. No Krautrock signifiers here: the ‘Moonlight Medicine’ is a lumbering, druggy piece of trip-hop, enlivened by some nifty turntablism and Adrian Utley’s louche guitar work. That organ is all-enveloping, shining brightly right at the front of the mix. ”Freedom and time/It’s got me frozen up inside”, goes the lyric, and you’ll find it difficult to hold off the nostalgia when enjoying this muted blast from the past. [Source]

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