Neneh Cherry – Dream Baby Dream (Suicide Cover Version) (2012)

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Where Bruce Springsteen imagined the dream as a Sisyphean rage against death, Neneh Cherry and co. hear it as a path to ecstasy. The rhythm, beaten out on toms, mimics the dinky Latinized drum machine patter of Suicide’s original but makes it a little slower and a couple of fathoms deeper. Cherry’s voice begins as more of a late-Billie Holiday croak but ascends along with the song, one step leading to the next as it grows in intensity and feeling. For their part, the Thing treat the song’s simple melody the way Albert Ayler did European folk ditties, mixing breezily sentimental yearning with a rush of emotion so torrential it borders on violence and terror. [Source]

UPDATE! Here is the video for the remix:

UPDATE! Here is the new Four Tet remix:

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