Lightships – Two Lines (Raf Daddy Remix) (2012)

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Lightships, the new musical outpost from Gerard Love, release their debut album Electric Cables on the 2nd April. Electric Cables is an album of tender, observational songs, played with an invigorating and easy sense of purpose; the sound of friends enjoying one another’s company and allowing ideas and experiments to flourish. It’s a complex and rewarding record that you’ll want to keep coming back to. The band are celebrating this launch by releasing a free download of a remix of opening track “Two Lines” by house music supremo Raf Daddy of the Greco-Roman collective and half of The 2 Bears. It adds a driving beat, electronic haze and killer bassline to the beautifully chiming guitar line already present in the shimmering original track. The album was recorded by Gerard Love and such Glasgow-based luminaries as Dave McGowan (guitar, Teenage Fanclub), Brendan O’Hare (drums, from the first incarnation of Teenage Fanclub), Tom Crossley (flute, International Airport and The Pastels), Jim McCulloch (clarinet) and Bob Kildea (bass, Belle & Sebastian).

Lightships will be performing their first ever shows at the beginning of May, playing shows at Glasgow’s CCA on Friday the 4th of May and The Lexington in London on Tuesday the 8th of May.

Order the album here

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