Bobby Womack – Please Forgive My Heart (2012)

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After working together on Plastic Beach and the resulting tour, Bobby Womack and Damon Albarn decided to hit the studio together again. Back in December, Richard Russell, the head of XL Records, told Billboard that he was co-producing Womack’s new record with Mr. Albarn, and today the first track from that record was released. Titled Please Forgive My Heart, the song is a slow burning groove built around a heartbeat drum track and Womack’s soul-pouring vocals. At about the one-minute mark some vaguely Gorillaz-esque synth-accordion sounds come in, helping to give the song a bit more texture. The song winds down with a simple, effective acoustic guitar, which sounds like it might segue directly into whatever track ends up following it on the record. [Source]

Single cover art:

Promo photo:

[via Niels Fez Pedersen]

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