Barry Adamson – Black Holes in My Brain (2012)

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“Black Holes In My Brain” by Barry Adamson from the 2012 album I Will Set You Free on Central Control International. The defining element of Barry Adamson’s music and persona might be the fact that it is abundantly clear that he is going to do whatever he god damn well pleases, and probably doesn’t give a shit what you think about it. Bald, dark-eyed, and intense, Adamson’s music has taken many twists and turns since he released his first solo EP, The Man With The Golden Arm, in 1988, but whether he is playing grim, desolate, and expansive pieces suited for cinema (he worked with David Lynch to write much of the music for Lost Highway) or funkified lounge jazz topped off by his smoky voice stringing together bits of darkened imagery, his music has always retained a certain rugged independence that is unmistakeably Adamson’s alone. [Source]

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