Material feat. Whitney Houston – Memories (1982)

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“Memories” is a cover of a song written by Hugh Hopper, recorded by Soft Machine in 1967, prior to his joining the band. Soft Machine’s Robert Wyatt recorded a solo version and another version on Daevid Allen’s Banana Moon album. Recently (2008) it has been covered by The Mars Volta. The vocal here is performed by Whitney Houston in one of her first ever featured lead performances.

I know I cannot leave this place
full of memories
Things like the way they knew us
all over town

We used to walk the streets together
We could be seen
Past shops where people knew us
Yeah, people knew

I’ve got to choose between tomorrow
and yesterday
I can’t stop to think about
my life, here today

Maybe I’ll find someone to get you
off my mind
Take me away from here
and leave it, leave it all behind

Memories can hang you up and haunt you
all your life, you know
Get so you cannot stay
and yet cannot go

I could find out where she’s gone
Today I feel so unhappy
Streets seem so empty now
I want you with me

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