At The Drive-In – One Armed Scissor (2000)

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“One Armed Scissor” is a song by At the Drive-In. It was the first single from their album Relationship of Command, and was the first At the Drive-In song to be played regularly on a number of radio stations. This is one of the most well known At the Drive-In songs, and was their only charting single, reaching #26 on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. The music video for this song contains all footage from live shows and the road in general. A second version of the video was also released with the Fearless Records compilation This Station Is Non-Operational containing more live footage, as well as studio footage. According to a Channel V interview, a one-armed scissor is a mixture of “Red Bull and vodka”, and that the song is about their tours told from the omniscient character named the one armed scissor who sees their hardships they deal with while on tour. This song, along with the B-side “Incetardis”, was selected to be put on the compilation This Station Is Non-Operational, which itself was named after one of “One Armed Scissor”‘s lyrics.

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