Apparatjik – Time Police (2011)

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On 13 December 2011, the first draft of the new Apparatjik album, ‘Square Peg In A Round Hole’, will be released to fans for free through the Apparatjik Facebook page along with an open invitation to fans and other artists to collaborate, remix and add ideas to the album. A new updated version of the album will then be made available each week until the final version is released on 21st February 2012.

“Apparatjik is chiefly a conduit for creative trip-wiring: first you find out how a thing works, then you break it. all children learn this way. all adults too. on the new album we have collaborated with other artists and now we want to invite our fans and other musicians to contribute by commenting, voting for ideas or taking raw elements from the album and work with, embellish and submit back to us. we have collaborated with our fans in this way for visual projects like ‘everybody is a pixel’ at the Neue Nationgalerie in Berlin and our new iPad magazine ‘apparatjik world’. this time we’ll try with music.” (apparatjik)

Following the album ‘We Are Here’ released in 2009 and several ambitious performances and installation art projects over the last couple of years, including at the Serpentine Gallery and the Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin, the collective is now embarking on a new phase with the launch of ‘Apparatjik World’.

‘Apparatjik World’ is a threefold project set to unfold throughout 2012 including an iPad magazine (available now in the App Store), the new album ‘Square Peg In A Round Hole’ and a series of performances around the world combining their famed ‘cube’ performances with a festival concept. Apparatjik will bring the ‘Apparatjik World’ performances to 11 cities starting mid 2012 including London, Oslo and Copenhagen and their first dates in the US. More details about the performances will be announced Spring 2012.

Apparatjik is a collective founded in 2008 by world-renowned musicians Magne Furuholmen (A-ha), Guy Berryman (Coldplay), Jonas Bjerre (Mew) and Martin Terefe (songwriter and producer of amongst many others Jason Mraz, Mary J Blige, KT Tunstall, Martha Wainwright and Cat Stevens). Apparatjik functions as an experimental platform and collaborates with a pool of artists, media technicians, and designers, as well as scientists such as MIT professor in physics Max Tegmark and Ute Meta Bauer who has recently been appointed to be the new First Dean of Fine Art at the RCA.

Released by: Metamerge Un Ltd
Release date: Dec 13, 2011
ISRC: GB-7TF-11-10035

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