New Music United Top 20 Chart (December 16, 2011)

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Here are the 20 most popular tracks on New Music United this week with notes:

1. Amazingly, new electronic music from France is taking all three top spots! A new blog single from Justice, my all year favourite from Koudlam and an incredible collaboration around a unique Daft Punk remix. Great stuff for your new years parties all over the world.
2. Rediscovered tracks are an integral part of the NMU concept and who could have imagined a chart with new, edgy music shared with Barry Manilow, Jeffrey Lee Pierce, Bryan Ferry, Promises (Canadian band that was big in Germany) and Roxy Music in 2011?
3. Lana Del Rey might be designer pop, but she is mingling with the indie crowd and her fan segment must be as diverse as NMU. The new video is now featured on the blog single and it is must see even if the music is not something for you.
4. Mikael Simpson is the king of NMU. Period. Interestingly, the new blog single is ahead of two of Mikael’s personal heroes on the chart: Radiohead and Martin Gore. The Raveonettes and 1/4 of Metallica are also carriers of the Danish flag on NMU.
5. There are two tracks from the new soundtrack album by Trent Reznor on the chart. The summer smash of the Led Zeppelin classic is now updated with a video version. The new blog single is a cover version of a Bryan Ferry classic recorded with Reznor’s wife’s ensemble.
6. Finally, seeing the esoteric Chris Watson track with field recordings on the chart is personally very gratifying since this track was picked my “my own DJ” from the nineties, Martin Holm, who himself promotes a wonderful attitude and openness towards new music.

Justice – ON’n’ON (2011) More stats 01
Koudlam – Alcoholic’s Hymn (2011) More stats 02
Daft Punk ft. TRS-80 & Ariel Pink- Sky Sailor (Float Away) (2011) More stats 03
Barry Manilow – Could It Be Magic (1975) More stats 04
Lana Del Rey – Born To Die (2011) More stats 05
Mikael Simpson – En af Tolv (2011) More stats 06
Radiohead – The Daily Mail/Staircase (2011) More stats 07
Motor feat. Martin Gore – Man Made Machine (2011) More stats 08
Rufus Wainwright – Je Suis Venu Te Dire Que Je M’en Vais (Serge Gainsbourg cover) (2011) More stats 09
VCMG – Spock (Original Version) (2011) More stats 10
Jeffrey Lee Pierce – Love and Desperation (1985) More stats 11
Bryan Ferry – Slave To Love (1985) More stats 12
How To Destroy Angels – Is Your Love Strong Enough (Bryan Ferry Cover) (2011) More stats 13
Promises – Baby It’s You (1978) More stats 14
Roxy Music – If There Is Something (1972) More stats 15
Chris Watson – El Devisadero (2011) More stats 16
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross feat. Karen O – Immigrant Song (2011) More stats 17
The Raveonettes – Let Me On Out (2011) More stats 18
Leila – (Disappointed Cloud) Anyway (2011) More stats 19
Metallica – Hate Train (2011) More stats 20

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