Agnetha Faltskog – Wrap Your Arms Around Me (1983)

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Agnetha sings her second song on “The Heat Is On” Special from April 1983. This show was part of a promotional tour to publicise her first solo album after Abba, which was called “Wrap Your Arms Around Me”. The album reached No.1 in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium and Denmark. Here she sings the title track from the album. This song had limited release as a single, but still reached No.1 in Belgium and No.3 in Holland. Her whispering technique here is as hot as anything you will ever see in a song. She censors it herself by turning her back completely to the audience. As always Agnetha does not hold back in her performances. This will set your temperatures rising alright! Lyrics: Mike Chapman, Holly Knight.

[via Jesper Elvis Valentin]

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