Loos Foos & The Fiberglass Cornflake – Bless Me Father (1969)

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‘Bless Me Father’ is a cool psychedelic song with haunting organ, distorted guitar and wah wah…..it’s also blessed with some fuzz. This song has turned up on the CD only ‘A Fistful Of Fuzz’ compilation in the late 90s. Both songs were written by R. Sousa. I don’t know anything about the band apart from the rumour that they hailed from Rhode Island in New England, so any information will be appreciated. [Source]

[via Christian Finne]

2 Replies to “Loos Foos & The Fiberglass Cornflake – Bless Me Father (1969)”

  1. This is my father and uncles band. But I’m almost positive this is not a real picture of them.
    Yes there were out of Rhode Island and were one of the top bands in the circuit. Curious how they ended up on a cd though in the 90’s. I dont think anyone was aware of that.

  2. Hi Marcia. Ronnie Rocket here. This is my blog. Thank you for your comment. It is always a privilege when artists or families of the artists comment on the blog, which happens more and more frequently, I am happy to report. That is very rewarding for me as the publisher. Please click on the photo to enlarge it. It does clearly say “Loos Foos” in the background.

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