Elton John – Tiny Dancer (1971)

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“Tiny Dancer” is a 1971 song by Elton John with lyrics by Bernie Taupin. It appears on John’s fourth album, Madman Across the Water, and was released as a single in 1972. It was certified Gold on May 19, 2005, and Platinum on August 19, 2011, by the RIAA. The song was written by Taupin to capture the spirit of California in 1970 encapsulated by the women he met. It has become known that the song is about Taupin’s first wife. The song was dedicated to her on the album Madman Across the Water. The cast of Almost Famous (2000) sing along to the song while riding in the tour bus, and it is also featured as instrumental incidental music in a phonic reference to Penny Lane as Russell realises Penny has set him up to do the right thing by William. Canadian DJ Deadmau5 made a remix of the song.

[via Christian Mongsgaard in Lejre]

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