Peter Hammill – In Slow Time (1980)

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A Black Box is an album by Peter Hammill, originally released on S-Type Records in August 1980. Hammill performed nearly all the instrumentation himself, including the drum parts, a task he had first undertaken on his previous album pH7. His ex-Van der Graaf Generator colleague David Jackson also made a guest appearance, along with David Ferguson of the new-wave band Random Hold, whose debut album Hammill had produced. Side 1 of the record featured a collection of songs, while side 2 was devoted to “Flight”, a lengthy multi-section song. This was the first time Hammill had included a lengthy song of this type on one of his solo albums. The short-lived S-Type label (the name was a pun on “stereo-type”), on which the album was originally released, was set up by Hammill and his then manager Gail Colson. Colson had formerly been a director at Hammill’s previous record company, Charisma Records, who had dropped him from their roster just prior to the recording of A Black Box. The S-Type label does not appear to have been a successful business project, and the album was later licensed to Virgin Records, who have since also acquired Hammill’s Charisma catalogue.

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