New Music United Top 20 Chart (October 21, 2011)

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Here are the 20 most popular tracks on New Music United this week with notes:

1. Danish rocker Tim Christensen (of Dizzy Mizz Lizzy fame) storms to number one with his new single.
2. The Massive Attack remix single is now featuring both a-side and b-side on the blog single.
3. Number 4 is a monster track produced by my dear friend Margo Guryan in 1969! (Number 8, 13 and 16 are also rediscovered tracks).
4. Skinny Puppy are friends from the old days. Their new album is brilliant. A third blog single coming up on NMU soon.
5. Tim Christensen, Choir Of Young Believers, Gasolin’, D-A-D, Laust Sonne and Mikael Simpson are Danish artists getting a lot of international exposure on NMU (currently gaining lots of new fans around the world on Google Plus!)
6. Koudlam, Dirty Beaches and Rustie are all “NMU darlings”.

Tim Christensen & The Damn Crystals – Surprise Me (2011) More stats 01
Massive Attack vs Burial – Four Walls (2011) More stats 02
Kate Bush – Wild Man (Radio Edit) (2011) More stats 03
Chrysta Bell feat. David Lynch – Real Love (2011) More stats 04
Layng Martine, Jr. – Hired Killer (1969) More stats 05
Choir of Young Believers – Hollow Talk (2011) More stats 06
Motor feat. Martin Gore – Man Made Machine (2011) More stats 07
Steely Dan – Aja (1977) More stats 08
Gasolin’ – Som et Strejf af en Dråbe (Peter Visti Edit) (2011) More stats 09
Skinny Puppy – Village (2011) More stats 10
Koudlam – Alcoholic’s Hymn (2011) More stats 11
Jack White – Love Is Blindness (U2 Cover Version) (2011) More stats 12
Roxy Music – Just Another High (1975) More stats 13
D-A-D – I Want What She’s Got (2011) More stats 14
Dirty Beaches – Lone Runner (2011) More stats 15
David Bowie – I Pray Ole (1979) More stats 16
Rustie – All Nite (2011) More stats 17
S.C.U.M. – Whitechapel (Carter Tutti Remix) (2011) More stats 18
Laust Sonne – Lost My Heart (2011) More stats 19
Mikael Simpson – Lad Det Staa (2011) More stats 20

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