Destroyer – Savage Night At The Opera (Short Film) (2011)

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The clip for Destroyer’s languid Kaputt track “Savage Night At The Opera” follows a golden-hour motorcycle’s-eye-view trip through some urban downtown without breaking its point of view or switching camera angles. It finally comes to rest on a really nice image that I don’t want to spoil. David Galloway directs. [Source]

The inspiration:

A notorious nine-minute speed through the streets of Paris, shot on a camera strapped to the front of a Ferrari 275 GTB, this injection of adrenaline was an illegal shoot which led to the arrest of filmmaker Claude Lelouch when it was first shown. Lelouch was apparently at the wheel, too. An underground classic, hailed as being the greatest car chase ever, simply because it was real.

Watch the original video here.

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