Tom Lucy – Paris France (1982)

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Wasted Youth were a great live Band and they could of had many hit singles, some of the lyrics are marvellous, poetic stories. But because of the band name and reputation they were not getting the radio play they deserved. John Peel was the only BBC DJ who was playing their songs regularly at the time and through our publishers, Martin and Coulter, it had been confirmed that the band were indeed blacklisted. To see if this theory was true it was agreed to release the single under an assumed name. It was decided to put the single out under the name of Tom Lucy because as well as being Darren’s cousin he was in the studio every day with the band and contributed to the recording and production of the single. When this single got almost daily radio play it seemed the fears were proved correct. Although pressure was applied on the band by music industry bigwigs to change their name and style but they would not sell out. [Source]

[Dedicated to Mikael Simpson, who just left a 200 Euro tip to the maid at the hotel in Paris]

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