Etienne Jaumet – For Falling Asleep (2009)

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Following his very well received ‘Entropy’ 12″b, Etienne Jaumet further indulges his passion for pure synthscapes on ‘Night Music’, a sheer pinnacle of elegant Paris-meets-Detroit moods featuring mix and production assistance from Carl Craig. Outside of his work for Zombie Zombie and numerous collabs with everyone from Daniel Johnston to Lou Barlow, this is the place where Etienne invokes the spirits of Schulze, Carpenter or even Reich, especially so on the opening epic ‘For Falling Asleep’. Taking 20 minutes to reach its goal, Jaumet crafts a constellation of decaying astral plumes, wistful sax and mesmerizing but gently insistent machine rhythms with the mix “Directed and imagined” by Carl Craig. Lush stuff. New track ‘Mental Vortex’ revolves again around rich analog bass arpeggiated into the distance while spooky moog motifs reminscent of Wendy Carlos zoom into view, and the brilliant ‘Entropy’ makes another appearance. ‘Through The Strata’ sounds heavily like Carl Craig working with an Eastern European Klezmer band, while the closing stage of ‘At The Crack Of Dawn’ could surely be some missing incidental music from a directors cut of ‘Escape From New York’. Excellent. [Source]

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