Autolux – Here Comes Everybody (2004)

Autolux is shoegaze. But has anyone else noticed how perfect their production values are? Every song, every beat is extremely symmetrical and calculated. Unlike, say, Sonic Youth, who I like, but were kind of sloppy IMO. [Source]

[Dedicated to all the members of the gentlemen’s club Bongorama!]


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  1. Just found this great description on an invite-only social network (Bongorama, don’t have the mother source):

    What the hell is this? Bopping its disembodied head out of the bloody waters like the final survivor of a shark attack, this LA threesome’s debut is a razor sharp pinch in the arm of drainpipe caressing, crack aided Britindie. An astonishing blend of minor chord switchblade Cali rock and narcotic feedback, it sounds like it was written in the darkest recesses of The Viper Room while a young starlet OD’s on her own reflection. Add in an intro that sound like the strange humming the water pipes make before they split in two and an outro possibly written by Damien from ‘The Omen’ and you have one of the singles of the year. Startling.

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