Queen – Drowse (1976)

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“Drowse” was Roger Taylor’s song in 6/8 having him playing rhythm guitar and timpani and doing all of the vocals. May played slide guitar during this and “Tie Your Mother Down” (the second guitar solo in the middle of the song). Taylor’s song on the previous album, “I’m In Love With My Car”, was also in 6/8. “Drowse” is notable for being Roger Taylor’s first “soft” song, his previous compositions being usually the heaviest rock pieces of the album. Taylor sings octave lead vocals during the verses (except for the third and final verse).

[via Peter Holmgård]

One Reply to “Queen – Drowse (1976)”

  1. A UNIQUE band – all of it’s for members were strong composers and made at least one top #1 hit each….

    Saw them twice in CPH. First time in a half empty Brondbyhallen in ’77. Second time a year later at a completely sold out concert in Falconer thanx to We Will Rock you + We Are The Champions… a concert that is considered as one of the band’s best… Freddy’s vocal was super that night…

    Queen II is a masterpiece with Fairy Tellers Masterstroke and my favorite Queen track Orgre Battle – here live from Broendbyhallen…


    Greg’s queen channel on Youtube is a must.

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