Giana Factory – Rainbow Girl (Glasvegas Remake) (2011)

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There’s a cute story behind this. Loui Foo, Giana Factory’s singer, is also the sister of The Raveonettes’ Sharin Foo. In 2008, Sharin was too pregnant to play a show her band had booked, so Loui and guitarist Lisbet Fritze stood in for her. James Allan, Glasvegas’ lead singer, guitarist and foremost Joe Strummer lookalike, saw the show, and asked Loui and Lisbet if they had their own band that could support the Scottish rockers in Copenhagen two weeks later. Giana Factory had never played in front of an audience before, but Allan’s request was the kick up the backside they required, and they played the show before supporting Glasvegas on the remainder of their European tour dates. Sweet, right? Not only did the story give birth to a baby Raveonette and a tour friendship, it also brought this into the world: A woozy, night’s edge “remake” of “Rainbow Girl” just the right side of melodrama. It arrives with the original through Music For Dreams on May 16. [Source]

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