Flaming Lips & Neon Indian – Is David Bowie Dying? (2011)

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It’s been mooted for a while but confirmation has finally arrived, in typically irregular fashion, of a collaboration between the Flaming Lips and chillwave supremo Neon Indian. Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne tweeted last week that he was dropping off boxes of the untitled EP to two record shops in Oklahoma and Dallas and, lo and behold, here’s the lead single, Is David Bowie Dying? At six minutes long and featuring big chunks of distorted guitars, rudimentary beatboxing and layers of sonic squiggles, it’s hardly chart-bound, but as the song unfolds it manages to mesh the more hypnotic end of the Flaming Lips’ work with Neon Indian’s dreaminess. The second track on the EP is Alan’s Theremin, which we can only assume is the big hit single. [Source]

[via Per Reinholdt Nielsen]

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