Black Devil Disco Club – Distrust (2011)

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An amazing collaboration between Black Devil and Faris Badwan of The Horrors. One of the stand out tracks from the fascinating Circus album.As those familiar with the French producer will already know, Fevre’s career has been anything but conventional. His debut album Disco Club came out in 1978, and though many hail it as an early electronic classic, it remained in obscurity until 2004 when Aphex Twin and Luke Vibert reissued four of its tracks it on Rephlex. Fevre’s been back in the spotlight ever since, with two mini-albums and a pair of compilations through UK label Lo Recordings, who are also releasing Circus. The forthcoming album pack in ten new tracks from Fevre, all of which feature guest vocalists, including high profile names like Nancy Sinatra, Jon Spencer (of Blues Explosion fame) and Afrika Bambaataa, plus Claire Evans of YACHT and recent Lo Recordings addition Michael Lovett. [Source]

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