Vanilla Fudge – You Keep Me Hangin’ On (1968)

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Vanilla Fudge’s 1967 psychedelic/hard rock remake of “You Keep Me Hangin’ On” reached #6 on the Hot 100 chart two years after the release of the Supremes’ recording. While the version released on 45 RPM single was under three minutes long, the album version was extended to six minutes and forty-five seconds. The recording, done in one take, was Vanilla Fudge’s first single.

[via Nils Lassen today, but buzzed already in February 2011 by P.G. Frandsen on BONGORAMA.DK]

2 Replies to “Vanilla Fudge – You Keep Me Hangin’ On (1968)”

    1. Que buena onda! som man ville sige på spansk; nej, det her er jo en monster-perfomance af rang, fucking out of this world!

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