Prefab Sprout – When Love Breaks Down (Tom Hansen & Doug Burwell 2011 Remix)

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When Love Breaks Down is a single released by the British rock group Prefab Sprout in 1984. It was the first single taken from their album of that year, Steve McQueen. The single did not chart in the UK Singles Chart but was reissued in 1985 where it reached #25. The b-side to the original release is a song called “Diana” which would later be re-recorded and released on the album Protest Songs, which was originally going to be released after Steve McQueen but was shelved until 1989. The song was re-released in March 2007, this time with an entirely new acoustic arrangement, recorded mid-2006 by Paddy McAloon, to coincide with the 2-disc Legacy Edition of Steve McQueen which came with a disc containing acoustic renditions of eight of the songs from the album. The song has been covered by Lisa Stansfield and Portastatic.


[Dedicated to Peter Sørensen and Peter Solak]

One Reply to “Prefab Sprout – When Love Breaks Down (Tom Hansen & Doug Burwell 2011 Remix)”

  1. Et eksempel på at de der remix typer bare skal holde nallerne væk fra perler som f.ex. dette dejlige nummer.

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