Simple Minds – Homosapien (Vince Clarke Remix) (2001)

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A really interesting revision of Pete Shelley‘s ambiguous “Homosapien”–on which Jim Kerr almost sounds like a pervy gentlemen’s outfitter. It was banned by the BBC for “explicit reference to gay sex”, e.g. the words “homo superior / in my interior”. After Simple Minds were fired from EMI they went into partial retirement. Frontman Jim Kerr moved to Italy to start a hotel. There a number of young Italian aboys came to Kerr for advice or input in recording. This finally coaxed the band out of retirement. They signed a limited contract with Eagle Records. To help the band gain momentum, it was decided that they should record an album of covers to boost awareness of Simple Minds again. This is a rare remix by Vince Clarke from Erasure:

Here is the album version:

This is the Malcolm Duffy remix:

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