Matthew Dear – You Put a Smell On Me (2010)

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In 1956, eccentric bluesman Screamin’ Jay Hawkins released “I Put a Spell on You”. On it, Hawkins sounds unstable, possessed. “I don’t care if you don’t want me, I’m yours right now,” he rips, probably causing his object of affection to freak the fuck out. Legend has it Hawkins blacked out during the song’s recording session. More than 50 years later, he still comes off stupendously totaled. Matthew Dear’s “You Put a Smell on Me”, from his fine new LP Black City, sounds nothing like “I Put a Spell on You”. It rolls on a sleek S&M thud descended from Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails’ “Closer”. Dear’s low monotone is as in control as Hawkins’ is undone. But there’s a constant: arch menace. In a way, “Smell on Me” is even more frightening than “Spell on You”, and there’s no hope for the object of Dear’s desire. The drums hypnotize. The purr soothes. While it seems like Hawkins’ prey has a chance of escaping his whiskey’d grasp, Dear’s steely precision leaves no room for error. [Source]

[via Mark Jensen]

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