Sort Sol – Indian Summer (1989)

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Song written by C. V. Jørgensen. From a Danish Radio (DR) TV performance. Also recorded for a limited edition single. 750 copies where given to the first 750 tickets that were sold for the band’s concert in Saga in Copenhagen in December 2, 1989.

[Dedicated to my dear friends in Sort Sol]

2 Replies to “Sort Sol – Indian Summer (1989)”

  1. I still have that single – somewhere. One of their finest moments! Nice to hear Steen sing in his native laguage. Great lyrics! (Vejen frem for Sort Sol kunne have været denne vej – med tekster på dansk)

  2. Flip side of the single: Children of the revolution with Russian lyrics – recorded for Next Stop Sovjet, I think. (If not, they put Indian Summer on one more single). My brother has that single – with the center a little off, so there’s an amazing wobble to the track which actually really works, musically. I’ll have to record an mp3 of that.

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