Prefab Sprout – We Let The Stars Go (1990)

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Jordan: The Comeback showed Prefab Sprout continuing their musical evolution from the prickly jangle guitars of Swoon, their debut. The use of synths is more prominent, lending the album a poppier feel, and Paddy McAloon explores other genres on some songs, from samba to doo wop. The album with its cover designed by Gerry Judah was critically acclaimed: it was nominated for Best Album at the Brit Awards, and reached #7 on the charts in the UK. It was—by Prefab Sprout’s admittedly modest standards—a commercial success. The next album, 1997’s Andromeda Heights, was released seven years later, with only their greatest hits collection appearing in the meantime, so the band never capitalised on its commercial momentum. The 64-minute album was, unusually, issued as a single vinyl LP running for over 30 minutes each side. Three singles were released from the album in the UK: “Looking for Atlantis”, “We Let The Stars Go” and a four-track EP titled “Jordan: The EP” on which the featured track was “Carnival 2000”.

[via Peter Solak]

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