Gino Vannelli – Black Cars (1985)

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Black Cars, (that features the synth belly voice and Roland JX-8P patch “Square Lead” getting heard) the eighth album by Gino Vannelli, was released in 1984. Co-produced with his brothers Joe and Ross, the album has a distinctive 1984 sound with heavy use of Yamaha keyboards and synthesizers. It produced two hit singles in the title track and “Hurts to Be in Love”. In 1984, HME Records (NY,NY) issued a 3-song, 12″ EP with three versions of Black Cars, a special dance mix (5:55), an instrumental dub mix (3:42) and the album version (3:07). Gino was nominated for the 1986 Juno Award for “Male Vocalist of the Year” (an award he had previously won in 1979) for this album. Gino and Joe also won the 1986 Juno Award for “Recording Engineer of the Year” for the title track.

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