Mel Britt – She’ll Come Running Back (1969)

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And yet another legendary Northern Soul smash, that we filmed for “The Strange World Of Northern Soul”. This is Mel Britt, singing his absolute Blackpool Mecca anthem, “She’ll Come Running Back”. This was recorded in 1969 and I first discovered it in Chicago in 1974 and brought just one copy back to Blackpool Mecca, where I was the first person to ever play it in England, and it became an absolute icon of the Northern Soul Scene. So many people knew about this record, but had no idea that this wasn’t even his first record. Prior to this, Mel was a member of the Visitors who had 2 releases on Bashie/Dakar in the late 60’s, one of which, “I’m In Danger” was a Northern Soul smash at The Mecca during Tony Jebb’s era in 1971. The other release was “Until you came along” which was the more popular of the two in Chicago, where the label was based. This was, however, his first solo release in 1969. He recorded more in the late 70’s. His son, Melieck Britt, is also a recording artist. Fip was a Chicago-based label and apparently there were a few releases on the label. In 1998, after much searching, I tracked down Mel through his son, and persuaded him to come to Detroit, a five hundred mile journey for him, to make this one and only one-time performance especially for us, for our ground breaking Encyclopedia Britannica of Northern Soul, and I am so glad that we did. [Source]

[via Ronnie Rocket]

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