Jeremy Gluck – Whisper (2009)

The WHISPER EP was released December 8th on Red Star Digital Music, the reactivated label of legendary music business producer, manager and entrepreneur Marty Thau. WHISPER unites and accentuates elements of the Fifties romantic pop sensibility while introducing late Sixties touches that taken whole create a strange, timeless feel that is both intimate and chaste. WHISPER flies in the face of the vogue for crude pop and replaces sex drive with a kind of muted love cruise. All versions are a combination of alternative/electronica/dance music and are refreshing, disarming and deceptively catchy. Theres nothing else like it around. All of the songs on this EP are called WHISPER and are different versions of it as interpreted by five well-known producers. The vocalists are Jeremy Gluck and Kate McEwan. Producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist and Destroy All Concepts label honcho, Dub Gabriel has been pushing the boundaries of rock, dub, world and electronic music for over a decade. His musical explorations in Brooklyn in the mid 90s drew him to the outer limits of the New York scene and ultimately led to the creation of his now legendary Brooklyn Massive parties. The climate was ripe for underground parties with a revolutionary slant and Dub Gabriel attracted a radical crew of collaborators including Public Enemy, Jamalski, The Last Poets, Dr. Israel, Karsh Kale, Badawi, Kode9, Scientist, DJ Olive, Qaballah Steppers and many others.

The Carbon Manual – I Break Through (Lola Dutronic Mix) (2009)

The Carbon Manuals merging of spoken word,post-punk and alternative music features remixes by Brendon Moeller and Lola Dutronic. Ambient rocknroll and the words of ex-Barracudas Jeremy Gluck informed by Krautrock and artists such as Suicide, Slint and Leonard Cohen. This electro remix is courtesy of Lola Dutronic.

“The Carbon Manual is pretty brilliant, an artistic and enlightened psychedelic adventure. Their music will be viewed as refreshingly advanced and surprisingly accessible for those able to appreciate it.”
– Marty Thau, Red Star Records

[Dedicated to Lars Top-Galia]