Ozzy Osbourne – I Just Want You (1994)

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Ozzy is the world’s biggest Beatle fan. “I Just Want You” started out, on the original demo recording, with a “Strawberry Fields” flute motif cycling through the verses, eventually building to a heavy chorus with drums and guitars (listen to the “demo version” above). Ozzy fought to keep those elements in, but producer Michael Beinhorn erased all Beatle references when he cut the studio version of the song. [Source]

Ozzy Osbourne: vocals
Zakk Wylde: guitar
Rick Wakeman: keyboards
Michael Beinhorn: keyboards
Geezer Butler: bass
Deen Castronovo: drums

Produced by Michael Beinhorn. Recorded by Paul Northfield at Guillaume Tell Studios (Paris), Right Track Recording (New York), Bearsville Studios (Woodstock), Electric Lady Studios (New York). Mixed by David Bianco.


From the ‘inspirational cassette tape’ (that also included Nine Inch Nails) that Michael Beinhorn sent to the writers:


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