Jason Lytle – It’s a Heartache (Bonnie Tyler Cover Version) (2012)

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Founder, leader, singer, songwriter & primary instrumentalist of Grandaddy, Jason Lytle once again unleashes the skewed vision and haunting melodicism that have made lifelong fans of his music. He compares the songs on his latest album Dept. Of Disappearance to a roomful of “strange, brilliant autistic kids with very peculiar social skills. But there are a few conventional, good-looking ones who go out and shake hands and get the good jobs. Then they come home and help take care of the other weird, wonderful ones.” [Source]

[Inspired by Tim Christensen]

One Reply to “Jason Lytle – It’s a Heartache (Bonnie Tyler Cover Version) (2012)”

  1. That autistic kid analogy is a good one! I’ve not taken Dept. of Disappearance off my CD player since I’ve bought it – a good few of the tracks would make it on to a best of Grandaddy compilation…

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