Beak – Deserters (2012)

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A mysterious, groggy post-punk fidget from Portishead’s Geoff Barrow and his two studio-rat pals (from Team Brick and Fuzz Against Junk), Beak> is a band that insists on antiquated limitations (all recording in one room, no overdubs, using tape) even though one-third of the band could be headlining Roseland at any minute. The result isn’t some Wasting Light go analog gimmick party, it’s weird, timeless gloom-funk where ancient-sounding electronics phase in Silver Apples wooze-glory, krautrock grooves melt into This Heat avant-punk minimalism, where Devo performs through a mouth full of cottonballs and a stomach full of Codiene. [Source] “Deserters” an ultra-scarce BEAK> MP3 which is unavailable unless you’re one of the 200 persons who buys the limited edition cassette at one of their four tour stops. [Source]

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