r-STASH – Dance With Me (1977)

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The brainchild of session musician Martin Dumas Jr., Rasputin’s Stash was a ’70s soul/funk ensemble from the Windy City of Chicago, IL. In the early ’70s, Dumas assembled an eight-piece group out of fellow session regulars from the city. Signed early on to the Cotillion label, the group released a self-titled album in 1971 and gradually lost half of their members by the time they recorded their second album for Gemigo, a subsidiary of Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom imprint. The quartet — Dumas, Ernest Frank Donaldson, Bruce Butler, and Paul Coleman — shed the possessive of their band name for another self-titled album, released in 1974. Gemigo eventually went under, and the group was shifted over to Curtom proper for a pair of singles released in the latter part of the decade: “Dance With Me” was released as r-Stash in 1977, and “Booty March” was released as Stash the year following. [Source]

[via Lars Villemoes in Copenhagen]

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