Fuxa – Marty Suicide (2011)

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Here’s a fabulous 45 pairing like minded spirits, Detroit’s Fuxa sharing wax with former Suicide legend Martin Rev! Not only that but this one’s on glorious multicoloured, ‘splatter’ wax and it comes housed in an Anthony Ausgang designed sleeve. Fuxa’s Randall Niemann has been creating spaced out, psychedelic electronica for nigh on 15 years now, on this tune “Marty Suicide” he’s joined by former Spacemen 3 and Spectrum members Mark Refoy and Richard Formby, on a tune penned as an ode to his heron on the flip. Martin Rev’s “Coyote” is a totally beautiful, almost angelic, electronic piece- think Florian Fricke’s from the heavens, vocal choir synth sound from “Aguirre”, sped up slightly with added Moog washes…?! [Source]

[Dedicated to P.G. Frandsen]

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